Slick Website Design in Cyprus

Slick Web Services was established in 2005, with the sole aim of offering value for money   website design in Cyprus
combined with great customer service. Since then, Slicks’ approach of jargon-busting, friendly and objective-focused design has been turning up the heat on the sunny island and giving local businesses something to shout about.


Slick Web Services immediately became a hit with companies who were tired of being blinded by science and sold false promises. Finally, through our simple approach, they were empowered to understand the process of website designand to feel comfortable asking questions about it.
Slick soon began developing a number of unique Content Management Systems that have enabled our many customers to actively change the content of their website on an ongoing basis, coupled withSlicks very simple, intuitive and friendly training.

Follow the Frog

Perhaps because of our ongoing professional, yet personal, commitment to helping customers without charging them just for a bit of advice, or because of his websites where clients can change content without paying a fee, ‘Pat the Website Man’, as he has quickly become known on the island, is at the heart of many a successful web project. So get in touch with him for some helpful advice on how to launch your business into cyberspace!

Contact Information

  • Telephone +44 7854 953088
  • Skype @ptsclly
  • Twitter @WebDesignCyprus